International Orders

International orders are always welcome here at The Shwag Shop. We have sold to hundreds of overseas customers through out the years. With the help of PayPal and the United States Post Office we have been able to safely deliver to these customers without incident. Here are some important facts about international orders.

1) Assure all billing and shipping information is correct
2) Understand shipping time and expected arrival of order
3) The Shwag Shop does not alter amount of order for any reason, to avoid possible custom taxes ( this is illegal )
4) All orders are securely packaged to assure safe arrival
5) Time to Time there may be restrictions on location. If this should happen for any reason we will contact you and issue a full refund

Just to list a few international locations The Shwag Shop has sold to

Japan , Russia , Dublin , Paris , Italy , Sidney , Belgium , Scotland , London and Brazil

We welcome any international location that the United States Post Office will send orders to.
Thanks for taking the time to read and understand The Shwag Shop international rules.

Any other International questions please contact us "Subject International Orders" at the top of massage.

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