Why use PayPal Express Checkout

Why use PayPal Express Checkout :
PayPal Express Checkout allows customers to purchase items with no need to register or have an account.

We recommend using the PayPal Express checkout for many reasons.
1) Safety First !!!! We can't say it enough
2) Your item is protected by Buyers Protection through PayPal's policy.
3) Easy to use
4) You don't need an account to use
5) Updates on your item
6) Can use even if you don't have a Shwag Shop account
7) There is many more, but it mainly comes down to Safety

How to use PayPal Express :

When you are in your shopping cart you will see a link
Before clicking on this link make sure your order in correct
next click on the link this will take you to a secure site HTTPS this means
your information is being processed on a secure server. The price shown does not
include shipping this just sets up payment method.

Next make sure all you information is correct and press review payment then you will
continue back to The Shwag Shop shopping cart from the next page.
This is when you will see shipping cost, pick method of shipping and confirm order.
This will prompt a page that paypal has set up for you using your billing
information it will show full price including shipping. You can cancel this order at
anytime before confirming the order. If you choose to cancel after a purchase
has been made please contact us ASAP at

Once you have confirmed all information is correct click on confirm order .
Your order will be processed within 2 days of purchase.
We will send a email with updates on your order as well.
This will include tracking information and any extra details.

NOTE : Information that we receive from PayPal is as follows
Name :
Email that you use with the express check out / or your current PayPal email
Billing and Shipping Address

There is no other information that we receive during express and or PayPal check out.
The information we receive is used ONLY for contact and shipment of your item.
We do not sell , lend or use your information for any purpose.
This information can also be removed after the order is complete if you so desire. Please send
email to customercare@theshwagshop.com with a request to remove your information. Thanks

Any other Paypal questions please contact us "Subject Paypal" at the top of massage. 


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